Kopakabana offers food truck and catering services.
Below you can see some of the food we prepare on a constant basis – please contact us in case you are looking for something specific.



Deep-fried soft battered dough, filled with chicken, beef, cheese, ham and many others.
Coxinha (chicken), Bolinho de queijo (cheese), Croquete de carne (beef), Croquete de presunto e queijo (ham and cheese)


Delicious baked little cheese bread rolls, made from unique ingredient – polvilho – giving it an exclusive taste and texture. A must try!


Crispy deep-fried dough “envelope”, filled with all sorts of fillings.
Pastel de queijo (cheese), Pastel de carne (minced beef), Pastel de frango (chicken)


Canja – chicken soup with rice, carrot and condiments
Feijão – bean thick soup, with bacon, pork sausage and small noodles
Caldo verde – broth from different types of green leafs and pork sausages


A delicious dish, feijoada is prepared with black beans cooked with different sorts of meat (ie, jerk beef, pork sausage, bacon, pork chops, smoked beef/pork) served together with rice, farofa, and vinagrete (tomato and onion salad). A rich and full meal on its own!


Brazilian barbecue is also unique, and each region of the country has a different way to prepare it and a favorite cut to grill.
“Espetinhos” are bamboo sticks with pieces of meat (beef, chicken, pork), mixed with bell peppers, tomatoes, onion or other vegetables, seasoned with sea salt and cooked over burning coals.
It can be served as grilled, inside loaf bread, with (Brazilian) potato salad, with farofa and vinagrete… basically, any way you want!


We prepare many kinds of sweets and deserts but, unfortunately, some can be only prepared upon ingredients’ availability.
Beijinho (coconut candy), Brigadeiro (chocolate candy), Suspiro (sugar-based crispy sweet), Mousse de Maracujá (passionfruit mousse), Pão de Mel (honey cake filled with dulce de leche, covered with chocolate), Cakes: Cenoura (carrot, covered with chocolate), Banana, Fubá.


Guaraná Antárctica – it’s the national soft drink, made from guarana, the fruit found in the Amazon forests.
Caipirinha – traditional cocktail, made from cachaça, lime, sugar and ice.