About Us

Kopakabana is an international team of foreigners residing in Prague, led by a Brazilian cook.

Our mission is to feed people’s body and soul with the amazing culinary experience of tasty Brazilian recipes at events within the Czech Republic and Europe.

Brazil is a huge country formed by many different nationalities with each contributing something unique to the national culinary identity. The use of local ingredients made it possible for each region to come up their own traditional recipes, making Brazilian food an intensive experience.

The native Indians introduced the manioc, from which many types of flour are processed into, creating different dishes — such as the famous pão de queijo (cheese bread) or tapioca, a widely known dish nowadays.

The Asian cuisine brought by immigrants influenced another famous street food, the pastel – a fried pastry with all sorts of fillings, from minced beef to palmito – product from the palm tree heart, another unique ingredient the native Indians have discovered on the abundant nature.

The Africans showed how to make amazing use of black beans and meat, generating the adored feijoada, that’s also accompanied by another type of manioc flour, the farofa.

The Lebanese, Turkish and Arabian cuisine were so embraced by Brazilians that nowadays kibe (kibbeh), esfiha (sfiha) and tabule (tabbouleh) are found everywhere in the country — including a fast food chain!

From Italians, the corn flour made their traditional polenta Brazilian`s polenta, and mortadella which has become one of the most consumed cuts all over the country, also prepared in innovative ways.

With so many nationalities, ingredients and recipes it’s a true adventure for us to show you the many tastes of Brazil! We will always do our best! Street food, snacks, sandwiches, barbecue, soups, juices, drinks and cocktails, deserts, candies… you name it and Kopakabana will bring the authentic Brazilian food experience to you.